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What Practical Ways to Improve Confidence?

How you feel about yourself affects how you live and interact with other people. Thus, if you are confident about yourself, you see yourself positively. You enjoy spending time with people. However, if you think that you need a confidence boost, you can try reading a lot of self-help books. Or just listen to podcasts to boost confidence by Johari and Sarah.

Free of Fear Full of Joy Podcasts to Boost Confidence

You may feel a sea of doubt and shyness. It’s been affecting your professional and social life, perhaps, it is time for you to tackle your confidence. You don’t have to isolate yourself from others. To start feeling and acting your best, you may try the following tips:

Recognize The Fact That It’s Not About You

The world doesn’t revolve around you. It doesn’t focus on you so you don’t need to be excessively sensitive about yourself. In that case, you just have to do you and people will do theirs. Thus, start to forget about pleasing everyone. Being a people-pleaser will only put too much pressure on yourself. It creates anxiety. Just remember that people are preoccupied with their issues and so they have no time to pay attention to your every move.

Tell Your Mind You are Confident

This is one of the affirmations you can tell yourself when you wake up in the morning. You should do this every morning, instead of labeling yourself as awkward. As you look at yourself in the morning, affirm that you are strong and confident. Or you may sit down in a quiet area and visualize yourself in various situations. You must believe that your mental practices will help you achieve your goal. Doing so will help you feel better about yourself. It will also prepare your brain for your future success. Picturing yourself as confident will start to manifest in your behavior.


Even if there’s no reason for you to smile, just fake the smile. Cracking a smile can give you an instant boost in your confidence. As you flash your pearly white teeth, you’ll instantly appear as confident and composed. The effect of smiling is great. It also alleviates any feeling of stress. It paves the way for a more relaxed you.

Prepare for Rejection

A key to being self-confident is to prepare for any rejection or setback. At one point, you’ll suffer rejection. Elon Musk has been rejected by many investors when he introduced his business plan for electric cars. But look at him now. When preparing yourself for rejection, though, the question must not be if you will be rejected but you must be ready for how you will handle it. If you are rejected, just don’t take it personally. This kind of mindset will stop your confidence from being broken. Always remember that every person experiences rejection and setbacks, even the world’s leaders experience them.

What Else Do You Need to Improve?

If you have time, listen to podcasts to boost confidence by Johari and Sarah. Every episode is guaranteed to provide you with a hack that can improve your confidence and make your goal happen. Listen to the podcasts on Spotify here.


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