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Spotify Podcasts: Do You Overthink About Romantic Relationships?

There are many Spotify podcasts available that talk about romantic relationships. But if you are looking for an episode that talks about how to stop overthinking things, including romantic relationships, then you better listen to Free of Fear Full of Joy (FOFFOJ) by Johari and Sarah.

Johari and Sarah’s Spotify Podcasts on Romantic Relationships

Although this topic is not the main subject of FOFFOJ, the hosts do tackle some of it here. This is especially true about overthinking. It is common for our minds to overthink and analyze every aspect of our relationships. It results in unnecessary stress, anxiety, and doubt. Overthinking can create a cycle of negative thoughts and potentially sabotage the happiness you experience in your romantic connections.

Practice Mindfulness

FOFFOJ encourages mindfulness. It is not surprising considering that mindfulness can help you focus on the here and now, instead of getting caught up in excessive worry or analyzing every detail. By just being present, you can fully enjoy the experiences, conversations, and moments shared with your partner without getting lost in overthinking.

Challenge Negative Thoughts

Unfortunately, overthinking typically involves negative thoughts. It is vital to challenge these thoughts and confirm their validity. Ask yourself if there is any real evidence supporting these negative beliefs or if they are simply products of your imagination. Replace negative thoughts with more positive and realistic perspectives that are based on communication, trust, and understanding.

Communicate Openly

Johari and Sarah encourage their listeners to always communicate openly. Keep in mind that a lack of clear communication is one of the main reasons for overthinking in relationships. Instead of making assumptions or analyzing every small detail, you just have to express your thoughts, concerns and needs to your partner openly and honestly. The hosts believe that effective communication can help address misunderstandings, build trust, and alleviate unnecessary worries.

Set Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries in your relationship is crucial to maintain a sense of balance and emotional well-being. Clearly define your needs, expectations, and personal space. Establishing boundaries can help prevent overthinking by providing a sense of security and clarity in the relationships.

Focus on Self Care

You can start by taking care of your own well-being. It can help maintain a healthy mindset in relationships. Participate in things that bring you joy, reduce stress, and promote self-care. Spend more time with your loved ones for instance. Practicing relaxation techniques, or seeking professional support when needed are also ideal. The hosts can’t overemphasize nurturing your own happiness and self-esteem. They believe and you will, too, that self-care can positively impact your romantic relationship and reduce overthinking tendencies.

Practice Acceptance

This is a powerful tool for reducing overthinking. Understand that not everything can be controlled or predicted in a relationship. Thus, Johari and Sarah encourage listeners to just embrace the uncertainties and imperfections that come with love and allow themselves to go with the flow.

Finding Peace and Reducing the Need to Overthinking

Overthinking can strain your romantic relationships. Start listening to FOFFOJ, one of Spotify podcasts, to help you challenge your negative thoughts and embrace acceptance. New episodes are released regularly on Spotify. Start listening today.


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