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Podcasts to Boost Confidence (and Have a Blast to Boot)

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Have you been feeling “down?” Does it feel like you could just use a “pick me up” at some portion of the day? Think of the little things that you do throughout the course of a day to feel better. Maybe it’s an extra half cup of coffee, perhaps it’s a snack, maybe you’re healthy and take a walk at some point, and so forth. There’s no podcast so good that it can turn your entire life around, but there are podcasts to boost confidence and to make you feel better in a moment that you can hopefully take with you.

Podcasts to Boost Confidence Now

It's important to note when we say that listening to our show can “boost your confidence,” we do not mean “you’ll stand up straighter and taller, you’ll have more money, just listen” or anything of that nature. What we can tell you is that when you listen to our podcast, you’ll feel good. You’ll have a good time but you’ll be more than entertained. Indeed, our podcast is about sharing our life experiences, the highs and the lows, so that you have fun, yes, but also so you take something from it.

Boosting Confidence Tomorrow

The “taking something from it” is crucial. When you feel better, when you have a bit more confidence, it may not stay with you all that long, true. But, over time, it can build. It can strengthen and grow. We can’t guarantee you, by any means, that we can grow your confidence day after day. What we can tell you is how we developed more confidence in ourselves, individually and collectively. We can tell you exactly how that happened, and how it continues to happen for us. Moreover, we can tell you how we deal with threats to that confidence, how to deal with them, and ultimately how to overcome them.

Podcasts to Boost Confidence

Podcasts to Go With

What’s great about a podcast that makes you feel good, and that you can have fun with is that it can go anywhere you go. You can listen to it in the car. You can listen to it at the gym, in the park, on a run, and so forth. By that same token, you can listen to it yourself, when you’re having a down moment, so that you can bounce back, better than ever. To find our podcasts and listen for yourself from wherever download them here.


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