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Girl Self-Help Podcasts Teaching You How to Make a Happy Place

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Free of Fear Full of Joy is one of the girl self-help podcasts that empower women to free themselves from their fears and embrace joy. One of the ways to escape or get rid of fear is to make a happy place. How?

Girl Self Help Podcasts: Building a Happy Place

When it comes to a happy place, what comes to your mind? It can be Disney World or a place where you can shop for affordable clothing. But you don’t have to look very far to find a happy place. It can be any place.

If you wish to find your happy place, you must first answer this question: “What do you want?” Sometimes, people look for a happy place, like a pub or go to a concert. However, this kind of place will only give you temporary joy. When you talk of a happy place, it means that it is a space that gives you permanent joy.

Should You Move to Find that Happy Place?

There’s no need to move just to find a place where you can feel safe and happy. However, if your neighbors are threatening you, then perhaps you might want to find peace of mind somewhere else. But if there’s nothing like that, you can just find that special place in your current location.

Where to Find that Place?

It can be a place where you can hear birds chirping, listen to beautiful music, or people’s cute voices. Recall those places and find them. You’ll be surprised that such a place is just around the corner, like a park or on your patio.

Do you enjoy visual images? Perhaps, going to a museum or art gallery will help. You can find pleasing colors and shapes in those art collections. Or you can just lie down on your roof and see the sky.

Choose a Place That Contributes to Your Happiness

If you are happy exercising, then go to a gym. If you like communicating with people, then go to a coffee shop or join a support group. Your happy place can also be in your bathroom because it is quiet. You feel peace while allowing yourself to bathe in scented water. The quiet stillness can truly provide a feeling of being at peace.

Girl Self-Help Podcasts

Deep Contentment and Meaning

Do you remember where that place was when you felt truly delighted? It could be a playground where you met your best friend. Or it is an animal shelter where you volunteered. Or the coffee where you met your future partner.

Finding a happy place can be beneficial especially if you are anxious or frustrated. You can go to that place to unwind or vent. That happy place can be 100 miles from you or it can be just around the corner.

For more tips on finding that happy place, listen to our girl self-help podcasts on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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