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Girl Empowerment Podcast That Encourages Women’s Economic Empowerment

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Women face various challenges in the world. During the pandemic, millions of women around the world left the workforce. Employment simply fell significantly. This is sad because women’s economic participation was already low even before the pandemic started. It is one of the topics that the girl empowerment podcast of Johari and Sarah will talk about.

Girl Empowerment Podcast on Where to Invest in Women Empowerment

Women Should Have a Significant Place in the Digital World. Men are more likely to be online than women. The gap is especially significant in low-income countries. Access to the Internet is more vital today than ever before. To help ensure that women will have a place in the digital economy, we need to narrow the gender digital divide. You can partner or co-invest to assist women in accessing the skills they need to be part of the digital economy. You may also support charities that contribute to advancing women’s education in important digital skills.

Choose to Buy from Small-Sized Businesses

Before COVID-19 started, many women already owned small businesses. But when the pandemic hit, their operations suffered. Their revenue dropped. Some of them had to close their businesses. You can help women entrepreneurs get access to capital funding and financial literacy skills.

Companies must also support women-owned businesses by helping them accelerate their services. Or they can provide training for women entrepreneurs or strengthen their financial services. Businesses should also diversify their suppliers. It means they can include more businesses owned by women.

Help them Secure Land Tenure

Women are facing serious barriers when it comes to securing land tenure. But this only affects their earning potential. They can’t make decisions about their land and food security. You can help them by supporting organizations that offer help to these women. Some organizations are exploring technology solutions to advance women’s land rights and help them secure land tenure.

Access to Safe Water

Sadly, young girls in some parts of the world don’t have access to safe water, they give up schooling just to get water to their homes. Women and girls are responsible for fetching clean water for their families. But the time spent collecting clean water means that they have to skip school. They also have to give up their economic opportunities.

Some companies target investments to bring clean water to these homes. You can support them. Or you can choose organizations that supply high-quality pads to women.

Girl Empowerment Podcast

Economic Growth

Women can have a huge impact on the economy if they are only given a chance. Unfortunately, gender bias is still a huge program in various areas of the economy. But we can change it by helping women and young girls.

These are just some of the things that the girl empowerment podcast talks about. You can learn more about how you can join the movement when you listen to Johari and Sarah’s podcast on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.

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