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Girl Empowerment Podcast Talking About the Ways to Help Women Globally

Women empowerment became a concept in 1985. It is about rights and equitable societies. Despite the introduction of the concept, many women still suffer a lot, mostly, at the hands of men. You will know more about it on the Free of Fear Full of Joy girl empowerment podcast.

Ways to Empower Women as Discussed on Girl Empowerment Podcast

There are many ways to empower women around the world. But these are the most essential:

Boost Her Confidence

Encouraging women or girls means that you should comfort and encourage them to speak up, instead of shutting them down. Girls are often told to stay quiet or be modest. In other words, women are brought up to be people-pleasers. They thought that when they speak up, people will not like it.

Motivate these women and encourage them to speak their minds. Make them feel strong. As you encourage them to speak up, you are helping them realize their value. They will never get scared to use their voice again.

Avoid the Negativity

Women hold unrealistic beauty standards. These standards are often displayed in magazines or on TV. Because of those standards, people bully them for their appearances. For example: if they are not skinny, they are told they don’t fit in.

You can help women by lifting them up. Take a stand when someone at the office criticizes her body. Combat negativity by shutting down negative comments online. Promote body positivity instead. You should not be afraid to shut down people who criticize women because they are not educated or not authentic. Appreciate them for their talents.

Invest in Women-Owned Businesses

This is one of the best ways to empower women. Many women face great challenges as an entrepreneur. They often lack access to financial capital. As a result, they have to close their business. Even though the number of women owning a business is increasing, they are still facing a lot of obstacles. Their resources remain limited.

Thus, if you want to join the movement of empowering women, you should start to invest in women-owned businesses. Support their business to give them a sense of financial security.

Girl Empowerment Podcast

Offer Job Opportunities

If you’re an employer, give women a chance to join your workforce. By removing discriminatory barriers against women, productivity will increase. But don’t just offer women a job. Instead, make sure that their working conditions are safe. Then, offer them the right social security benefits and a fair wage.

Sadly, women are still struggling to obtain equal rights in the workplace. We can end this by offering them broad seats. This will allow them to participate in the labor market, thereby strengthening women’s condition inside and outside.

If you are an employee and you see unfair treatment on a paycheck, you should speak up. Women must work together to make things move forward.

To know more about the ways to empower women, please listen to Johari and Sarah’s girl empowerment podcast on Spotify.


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