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Women Empowerment Podcast: How to Overcome Societal Expectations in Business?

Girl Empowerment Podcast

When you were young, you may have had dreams. You might have wanted to be a princess, a unicorn, a wizard, etc. But as you grew older, your dreams became more realistic. You might have imagined yourself becoming strong and successful. Later in your life, you might realize that you want to own a business. But, maybe you are unsure about the entrepreneurial scene. However, this is not true. When you listen to a women empowerment podcast, you can learn from many women entrepreneurs who are on top of their games.

Girl Empowerment Podcast in Encouraging Women to be Successful Entrepreneurs

Women can be as successful as men in business, obviously. However, sometimes, even today, women can be discouraged from pursuing and starting a business. But if you can only develop a greater sense of self-awareness and confidence, it can help understand your values, beliefs, and goals. Be true to them so you don’t have to conform to someone else’s societal expectations.

Learning to Assert Yourself

Communication is vital if you want to play in the business game, especially in an area that seems to be dominated by men. Experts recommend speaking up for yourself and communicating your needs and boundaries. When you do this, you will have to get used to speaking up for yourself as the only chance to be heard and respected by your peers.

Challenge and Resist

People may expect you to fail in business. But when you educate yourself on societal norms and biases, you can challenge yourself and learn how to resist them. You may feel that you need to have some kind of false attitude toward your business. Too many think it requires being aggressive and harsh, however, you have to find the leadership style that works for you. It's better to be true to yourself and find your voice to rise above societal expectations.

The bottom line is to be confident in who you are. You have made it to where you are through perseverance. You’re already on top of your game. You must not conform to someone else’s idea of what a leader looks like.

Support One Another

There’s a reason mentors are in demand these days. They can help support anyone who wishes to be successful. Thus, seek out mentors and role models. They can support and encourage you to be true to yourself. Your friends and family members can also be part of your support system. Your support team can help you deal with your struggle to be taken seriously.

For many, earning respect has always been a struggle. An important skill: you need to learn to build confidence. This will help you stop your negative self-talk. Get rid of those negative comments that are building up in your head. They can stop you from reaching your full potential. Combat them as early as now. You may wish to join an entrepreneur group to inspire you and hit you with reality checks.

Girl Empowerment Podcast

Need More Inspiration

If you are struggling to get rid of your negative thoughts, make sure to listen to Johari and Sarah’s female empowerment podcast. You may listen to one or a few episodes on Spotify.


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