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Finding Confidence After a Painful Breakup

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

You can listen to many heartbreaking songs. But the pain will remain inside you. The pain can be unbearable. Closing an important chapter of your life is not something that you want to experience. It does not matter who decided to pull the plug. What matters most is that you know how to be back on your feet. Experiencing this loss can be detrimental. But don’t feel that way. Instead, grab your headphones (or AirPods) and listen to our podcasts to boost confidence.

Overcoming a Breakup with Our Podcasts to Boost Confidence

Free of Fear Full of Joy is all about freeing yourself of the fear of being alone for the rest of your life after a breakup. We offer tips on how to overcome the mental roadblock brought by such a traumatic event.

Let Yourself Grieve

Breaking up with someone may be necessary. You may feel devastated. Let yourself grieve for the relationship that just ended. But don’t believe that it ended because of you or that person. Keep in mind that when you enter a relationship, it is meant to be to teach you a lesson or to help you grow. It may challenge your thoughts and assist you in discovering things. When you let yourself grieve, you are allowing yourself to be present in the moment. Which is totally all right.

Create a Space to Help You Heal

For some people, jumping into another relationship immediately after a breakup is a way to deal with their emotions. They thought that it would help them. It is not a bad thing, though. However, if you wish to truly let go of that feeling, you learn to pamper yourself. Make sure to engage in self-care. Start having bubbly baths on weekends. Create a stress-free space. These are simple things that will help you feel connected with yourself. Just because you ended your relationship with that person does not mean that you also have to end your relationship with yourself.

Start Building a Healthy Relationship with True Friends

Healing can be faster when you have a healthy support system. And it includes your true friends and family. They are the best people in the world to help you heal faster and feel confident. Your closest, truest friends will listen to your ranting and venting until you have fully purged those emotions. They always have their shoulders for you to lean on. Talk to them and schedule a date with them. Do something fun. There’s no definite date on when that feeling will end. Their support can help you bring back the confidence that you have lost after a bad breakup.

Podcasts to Boost Confidence

Be Kind to Yourself

Don’t punish yourself. The relationship ended because it is meant to end. There’s nothing wrong with you. But remember the lessons it taught you. It is not too late to learn and try again. And if you need more advice, make sure to listen to our podcasts to boost your confidence. Our episodes are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.

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