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How to Start Over in Life After You’ve Lost Everything?

Women empowerment promotes women’s sense of self-worth. It’s a human right thto achieve a more peaceful world. If you’re a woman who has lost everything but still wants to start over, then listening to women empowerment podcasts can help you pick up the pieces.

How Women Empowerment Podcasts Can Help You Start Over?

Free of Fear Full of Joy podcasts are provided by two women who also struggled before they reached the kind of success they enjoy. They can teach you how to start over in your life.

Start with Reflection

You can’t start over without first knowing where you are. It can be difficult to sit down and think about your thoughts. So, make sure to have time and space to reflect and examine your life. Journaling may also help in capturing your thoughts.

Revisit Your Goals

Goals can shift and change. Take the time to revisit your goals. You can write down small achievable goals. They can be a foundation for larger goals. For instance, if you want to start over with your diet, you could start to make healthy salads every lunch five times a week. This is a small goal but it can lead to a bigger goal, i.e. healthier nutritional lifestyle.

Commit to Change

Some women are not empowered to commit to change. After all, committing to making a change is a difficult process. However, when listening to Free of Fear Full of Joy, you’ll realize that it takes courage, and self-awareness to change. Instead of considering starting over, you should think of it as a way to start fresh. Johari and Sarah will teach you how to positively talk to yourself. They’ll also encourage you to shape your new life.

Use Your New Mindset to Make a Move

It’s useless to have a new mindset if you don’t make a move toward your goal. If you get canned, you don’t have to sit there all day watching every frustrating movie on Netflix. Instead, think about how you can get a new job. Perhaps, getting fired is a sign you need to start a business. Or maybe it is time for you to move across the country. Your next move doesn’t have to be drastic. Little change can help you start over in life.

Get a Coach

Although Johari and Sarah can teach you how to empower yourself to help you start over, getting a coach can be incredibly useful. By coach, it means that you can talk to a family member for guidance. It should be someone who can offer you impartial advice and push your growth.

As you are building your life again, you may feel depressed because things are not working out for you. Don’t give up. Johari and Sarah’s women empowerment podcasts can be a great tool for you to be inspired. They’ll teach you to be kinder to yourself. If you wish to know more about how Free of Fear Full of Joy can help you in starting over, please listen to the episodes on Spotify.


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