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Emotional Resilience in Women to Handle Any Stress That Comes With Your Daily Life

Motivational Podcasts for Women

Women are prone to various stresses. Most women can handle the stresses that they encounter every day. Unfortunately, some women struggle to build up such a trait. Listen to motivational podcasts for women to help you build emotional resilience. It’s an important trait you need for your everyday life.

Motivational Podcasts for Women: Adapting to Stressful Situations

Stress is everywhere. You can find stress in your workplace, at home, or just by riding on a train. That’s why it is highly recommended to start building emotional resilience. In that way, you can easily adapt to any crisis or stressful situation. Most resilient women can adapt to adversity without any lasting struggle. If you can handle minor stresses easily, then you can easily manage major crises.

Is this Trait Something You are Born with?

To some degree, yes, it is something you are born with. However, you can develop this trait. With some effort and practice, you can develop resilience. Johari and Sarah’s Free of Fear Full of Joy podcast talks a lot about emotional resilience. They both have developed this trait through actual life experiences.

What are the Traits of Being Emotionally Resilient?

If you have emotional resilience, then you can be aware of other people’s feelings. You can know the feelings of others because you are in touch with your own inner self. If you can develop such a trait, you can have a better understanding of how to respond to people and regulate your intense emotions, including fear and anger.


Most emotionally resilient people are action-oriented. It means that they never give up. Instead, they just trust the process. No matter what the instances they are facing, they keep on working toward their goal. They don’t feel helpless. Johari had experienced difficulty communicating before. But she overcame such fear and kept her goal of helping herself communicate better with others. With enough practice, she has successfully gotten rid of such fear.


You can also be resilient if you see the positives in every situation, no matter how negative it is. The reason for this is that you have the strength to do it. You can easily shift to a positive situation by not dwelling on a victim mentality. Rather, you can empower yourself so that you will see more choices open up in your path. By being optimistic, Sarah has become successful in her every endeavor. And she’ll teach you the power of optimism through her podcast Free of Fear Full of Joy.

Motivational Podcasts for Women

Sense of Humor

If you have strong emotional resilience, you can easily laugh at life’s uncertainties. No matter what your life situation is, you don’t dwell on the negative. Instead, you shift your perspective from seeing things as a threat to looking at them as a challenge. This will change how your body reacts to certain stresses.

If you wish to develop emotional resilience, you should start listening to Johari and Sarah’s motivational podcasts for women on Spotify.


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