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Where This Self Care Podcast Comes From (and Where It’s Going)

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Do you like to know more about a podcast before you listen to it? Did you hear about our self care podcast where you find other women’s podcasts and would like to hear a bit about where we’re coming from before you listen? That’s perfectly understandable. If you’re like so many folks (including us) the sheer number of podcasts you listen to in a week/day is high indeed. So, before you put something into your rotation you want to make sure it’s right for you. We created Free of Fear Full of Joy so we could help more folks.

What Our Self Care Podcast is Really About

At the end of the day, our podcast is about, if it’s about anything, turning shared stories of loss and trauma into positivity. It’s about taking something that was difficult, that was challenging, that was flat out bad, and showing you how you can get something out of it. Instead of living with the bitterness, the negativity, and letting the loss and trauma dictate the rest of our lives, we want to be able to turn it into something positive for other people.

We Can Help (Without Telling You What to Do)

All of the above having been said, this isn’t a podcast that “Tells You What to Do Because We Know All” or anything like that. Far from it. We just talk about our experiences, what we’ve been through, in hopes of creating something that helps others. For years, we didn’t think of doing a podcast. People would just gravitate towards us, talk about how much they liked talking to us, and so forth. Eventually, we realized that we could do even more of that with a podcast.

We Enjoy This Life and Want You to As Well

Our podcast is centered around “strong opinions and good intentions,” always. We share stories of encouragement, words of wisdom, and, of course, even a little silliness. Life is too short to always be serious, to incessantly be looking to “improve yourself” or something of that nature. It’s important to have fun, too. That always comes in organically when we sit down together and we hope it shows through the podcast, too. On Free of Fear Full of Joy, things are very unscripted. In fact, they’re unscripted to the point of being a stream of consciousness. But, they’re always authentic, always real and always true.

You, of course, don't have to take our word for it. Instead, you can listen to the first ep which is up at our site right now. There, we go into what possessed us to start a cross-generational interracial podcast (spoiler: it’s because there’s a real gap in podcasts like that). If you’d like to listen, you can check it out right here.

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