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Setting Up Boundaries and Boosting Confidence: What’s the Connection?

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Confidence and boundaries may feel like they are two different things. But they are actually connected. You’ll understand more about them when you listen to some of the best women's self-help podcasts by Johari and Sarah.

Woman Self Help Podcasts on Boundaries and Confidence

When you think of boundaries, you immediately think about saying, “no.” But it is more than that. There are limits that you must create to better understand how people are treating you. Setting up boundaries is actually a form of self-respect.

Boundaries are vital for your well-being because they are a safe space where you can feel protected because there’s no fear in them. These boundaries protect your emotions, mind, and body. But creating them takes a lot of practice and confidence.

Strong Boundaries and Improved Confidence

When practicing boundaries, you must first identify your triggers. Search within you to find them. Is it about a colleague who always asks for your help when you’re too busy? Or is it a family member who always assumes that it is okay to call you in the middle of the night to talk to you about his/her family? Identifying those triggers will help you create effective boundaries. It empowers and fuels your confidence. It can be tricky at first.

Once you identify your limits, it is vital to remember that your needs must come first. Listen to your gut. Assess the situations. Are they bringing up anger or anxiety? Accept those feelings and allow yourself to sit with the emotions. These feelings are valid and you have the right to feel them. You should also recognize that you can make a change.

Learn to Speak Up

The hardest part of setting up boundaries is learning how to boost your self-confidence so you can finally speak up. But when you know your boundaries, you can easily stand up and speak up for yourself. At first, boundaries can get a bad rep. But they are healthy for you. They open up space to allow you to feel connected with others. These boundaries will also remind you and others that you can’t please everyone. As you practice assertiveness, you will end up gaining more respect from others. You’ll notice a positive shift in how they treat you.

Woman Self Help Podcasts

Don’t Feel Ashamed

You may feel guilty after setting up boundaries and speaking up for yourself. But don’t be. The feeling is totally normal. It does not mean that it is wrong. Always remember that you are just prioritizing your well-being. It is not selfish. You deserve these healthy boundaries. So be kind to yourself. Don’t berate yourself because you speak up. It is not too late to feel empowered by creating boundaries. Give yourself some compassion. And you’ll soon start to feel confident about yourself.

For more tips on how to build confidence and set up boundaries, listen to our woman's self-help podcasts on Spotify. Or read our blog first to know what to expect from listening to our podcasts.


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