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Practical Ways to Find More Joy at Work or Anywhere You Are

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

To some people, going to work can feel like going to prison. Others, however, consider it liberating. If you feel miserable and sad at work, it’s finally time for you to create joy in your workplace. One great way to do that is to listen to female empowerment podcasts on your way to work.

Female Empowerment Podcasts on Finding More Joy at Work

Working can leave you feeling empty. You may also feel uninspired. If you need a boost in your energy, you can drink coffee. But feeling empty inside is a different thing. When you start listening to podcasts that empower women, you’ll understand the ways to feel more joy while working.

Here are some of the things you can learn from listening to these podcasts:

Get Joy By Giving Joy

In order to receive joy, you must give it first. But how? Complimenting someone is one way. But don’t just give a false compliment. Make sure it is authentic. To give it a better impact, you should do it soon after the action has been taken.

Another way to give joy to others is to appreciate them. If your coworker puts in extra effort, appreciate it right away. Don’t just say thanks. Explain to the person why you’re grateful for the action. You can leave a handwritten note on his/her desk.

You can make other people’s day by giving them your genuine smile. Smile at strangers and you’ll find that most of them would smile back. You’ll feel an instant connection. The reason for this is that smiling can trigger an immediate response.

Connect with Your Colleagues

If you are used to having lunch in your cubicle, try to join others at the table. From now on, make sure not to eat alone. Even if you are still practicing social distancing, you can still have lunch with your colleagues, virtually. Lunch is a great way to connect with people without pressure. It is time to relax and chat with them without a known agenda. So, at lunch breaks, make sure to eat with other people away from your desks. Or you can invite others to join you and have a pleasant conversation.

By pleasant conversation, it means that you connect with them in a more meaningful way. It can help in building trust. Let them talk about what makes them happy. Some of them would start discussing their first ski trip with their family or loved ones.

Female Empowerment Podcasts

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Finding joy at work also means celebrating your mini accomplishments. For instance, if you completed writing the 2,000-word report after three days, you should celebrate. You can eat out with your friends or just give yourself some free time doing nothing.

Experiencing joy is a different feeling. It makes you feel excited about going to work. To find more ways to feel joy at work, make sure to listen to female empowerment podcasts every day on Spotify, Pandora, or Stitcher.

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