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What You Can Expect From Our Women Empowerment Podcasts

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Have you been looking for an uplifting podcast that actually, well, lifts you up? Does it feel like some of what you’ve been listening to for inspiration, for empowerment, has maybe gotten a little bit stale? That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the message or the messenger, rather, it’s just good sometimes to hear something new. That’s exactly what we’re hoping to offer here with “Free of Fear Full of Joy,” our soon-to-launch women empowerment podcasts.

Real-Life Experience

The podcast boom has led to a boom in podcasting. It has not, consequently, led to a boom in podcast hosts with experience. We’re hoping to rectify that. When we looked at all of the podcasts we were listening to, we found that there weren’t really many (or any, really) interracial cross-generational podcasts. So, we wanted to change that. Specifically, we wanted to change that by just speaking our truth, talking about our lives. That’s where everything on our podcast comes from. We’ve been through this, and now we’ve got something to share.

Tools - What You Can Do Now

“Strong opinions and good intentions.” That’s one of the mantras of our podcast. If you’re like us, you’ve listened to plenty of podcasts that, well, have one or the other. Maybe they’ve got good intentions, but there isn’t much you can take from them when they're over. Consequently, strong opinions without the best of intentions can lead to the opposite of empowerment (at best). Here at Free of Fear Full of Joy, we want the best for folks, we want to be able to help them, by speaking the absolute, unvarnished truth as we’ve experienced it.

Friends to Listen to

It’s important to note that, if you’ve read to this point of the podcast, it's not us specifying or anything. This is not a Ted Talk or anything like that. Yes, we have strong opinions and good intentions, yes, our podcast name comes from a mantra that Johari came up with long before there was a podcast, but so much of our podcast is silly, too. It’s fun. It’s less “you’re listening to a podcast” and more “you’re driving somewhere with your friends in the backseat talking about anything that pops into their heads.” That’s a major part of the vibe we’re going for.

Multi-Generational Women Empowerment Podcasts

Well, if you made it to this point of reading a blog about a podcast, odds are that you’re ready to actually listen to the podcast. Indeed, there’s only so much we can describe about our podcast before you listen to it yourself. You’ll note that we were very “spoiler-free” in this blog, and there’s a reason for that: we really don't know what we’re going to say next. We come up with that as we go, because, that’s very much how we live our lives. Now, we want to help to give you the tools of stepping out of the shadow of fear and into the warm light of joy. You can listen to it here.

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