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How to Find the Root of Triggers of Your Anxiety to Avoid Turning it into Anger?

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Women Empowerment Podcast

Anxiety is sometimes linked to fear and worry. If you have an anxiety disorder, you are quick to anger. But the link between anxiety and anger is often overlooked. However, it is best to look into the root of your triggers so you can easily determine whether you are anxious or angry. If your mental health is screwing your life, you may try listening to a women empowerment podcast that talks about how to find the triggers of anxiety.

Women Empowerment Podcast on Anxiety Triggers

Women empowerment involves a lot of things to help other women. And it includes assisting them in finding the root of triggers of their anxiety. This is one of the things you can pay close attention to when you hear the podcasts of Johari and Sarah.

Free of Fear Full of Joy talks about various mental health conditions that many women face each day. The podcasters tackle the possible triggers.

Anxiety and Anger

If you have anxiety issues, you usually have trouble sleeping or staying asleep. Because of that, you are sleep deprived. But the lack of sleep can easily make you more sensitive to even the smallest issues. It quickly results in anger. For instance, when you walk in your neighborhood and a dog starts to bark, you become angry. You start yelling at the innocent dog. Or you get easily upset because there’s a long queue at the grocery store.

Although anger is not intentional, if you have an anxiety disorder, this anger will create an automatic reaction. When something disrupts your daily routine, you can’t easily cope with the change, resulting in anger. But by knowing what really the cause of your anger is, you can try to loosen up a bit and think about what you can do. Should you yell at the dog barking or do you just have to let it go?

Women Empowerment Podcast

Should You Seek Treatment?

Anger and anxiety sometimes go hand in hand. Unfortunately, it is a toxic mix. That’s why it may be necessary to seek treatment to help you uncover the real reasons for your anger. You may also start being mindful of your outbursts. Keep a journal and write about the things that make you angry that day.

Free of Fear Full of Joy podcast encourages women to seek treatment as early as possible. Therapy is always necessary to help you cope with anxiety triggers. But even if you don’t have anxiety or anger issues, listening to Johari and Sarah’s podcast is a breath of fresh air.

They talk about everything that affects every woman of today. Their journeys are not that simple, though. Johari had a fear of communication. But she decided to resolve it for her survival. Sarah, too, offers insights that can improve your quality of life. She’s a health advocate who inspires women to live healthier lifestyles as they grow.

You can listen to their women empowerment podcast on Spotify or get in touch with them through email.

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